The '87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Luxery Sport (LS) is a pretty popular lowrider model and on my trip to Japan I came across quite a few as well. Where the SS version is more the muscle car the LS features a more elegant looking front clip and has other luxery aspects.

Chedda, Desert Dreams Car Club, CA.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS vs SS

'80's Monte Carlo SS
Monogram/ Revell offers the '86 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS kit for quite some time now but no LS version was ever made as a model kit. That leaves the creative scratch builder to create his own LS front clip by converting the stock one that comes with the kit using knifes, sanding paper and putty. So I decided to create my own clip which proved to be harder and more time consuming than I thought. 

The stock SS clip has a smoother looking shape where the LS clip is a little bit more pointed and edged. Also the lights are completely different basically the whole shape is different from the LS clip. After many hours of cutting, glueing styrene strips, putty and sanding I finally created something that comes pretty close to the real thing but it's still not finished. The thin chrome bumper strips come seperate to give the clip an overall clean look.
The grill proved to be the hardest part since t
he closest I found was the AMT American hot rod '57 Chevy grill but even that one I was not satisfied with. The only option was to create the grill myself using a scaled down printed photo of an LS clip and a whole bunch of thin styrene strips.


I used brass strips en square tubing to divide the tiny styrene pieces evenly on the styrene sheet. It took time and lot's of patience to get to right result. The excess parts where cut and the part needs to dry overnight before it can be sanded and prepared for molding. I will use a 80% cured resin copy to give the grill the right shape. Finally that's going to be the master for the rest of the copies. Finding the right headlights is another adventure. More on this project soon!