The latest photos from Jevries' workbench. Going back in time with a 1/20 Nissan mini truck Lowrider
featuring a 4 stage Z-rack. The 6 servos are controled by a 8 channel radio and receiver. when it's done it will
feature four wheel hydraulic suspension, be able to drive and steer and a have fully functional Z-rack. 


This Z-rack beddancer will get a detailled interior with all the working components hidden inside the body.

Each of the 4 stages are lifted by working cylinders. The cylinders are created using 2 mm allu tubing with 
braided fishing lines running through spring tubing.

I want to thank Marcos Gabriel Lopez and Arturo Rios for inspiring me to bring this model 
back to the table after many years sitting in a box waiting to be build. Thanks!