On my last trip to Indonesia I left one of my 1/12 scale 1964 Impala models with Fahmi Freeflow in Bandung.
You wouldn't say but Freeflow never worked on a scale model before. He's known in Asia for his outstanding
 paintjobs and pinstriping on cars, motorcycles and helmets. Check out his work: 


I used Hasegawa Mirror Finish foil for the chrome trimm. It's a micro thin plastic type of foil stretchable and it 
sticks very well. It's a bit harder to work with compared to Bare Metal Foil but the result is 100% authentic 
looking chrome without getting dull overtime.

1/12 scale Cragar wheels with an added deep dish along with urethane cast tires by Jevries for that Old school
lowrider look. Car will receive a nice RC hydraulic setup.


All my thanks go out to Fahmi Freeflow for his outstanding artwork on this scale model!