Way before I build Real Deal '64 Impala I had this idea in mind to create a full function RC 1/24 miniature lowrider that performs almost every trick and still feature an interior.


After I finished Real Deal '64 I started working on the design for the setup that differs from Real Deal because I wanted it to be very solid and pretty maintance free. The front setup is solid enough to make it hop although in this case I left the hopping out since I wanted to build a classic lowrider cruiser and not a hopper.
The rear setup features brass trailing arms and wishbone to keep the rear axle centred when going side to side or roll in three wheel motion. The rear axle has two micro gear motors inside that provide enough torque to get this miniature lowrider going back and forth.

The front is a mixture of an A-arm setup similar to the Real Deal '64 and a more traditional U-bar but with an incorporated steering setup. With the added pumpkin and driveshaft it looks pretty real.
All the movements are proportional controled meaning that you can control the speed of the hydraulic action, driving and steering. 


The wire wheels are resin copies I created of original Aoshima wheels. The white wall  tires are also custom created using black ureathane and feature the right size 5.20 tire.
The model is far from finished and will be packed with lot's of tight features making it the most expensive model lowrider I have build so far. 
When all the tech work is done the body will be prepped and send of to Inked a truly gifted car painter working and living in Cali to receive the best paintjob possible.