FOR SALE the 1/12 wire wheels for your 1/12 RC scale lowrider! $65 plus $6 for worldwide priority shipping $15 for registered priority mail. VERY LIMITED 12 sets only!

Don't have the time right now to send em out for chroming. For US buyers goes: it's cheaper to send em out to Chrome Tech yourselves.
These are the perfect wire wheels for your radio controlled Radio Shack lowriders and Maisto '64 Impala. Wheels come with seperate wire/spoke inset for easy duo tone effects, Zenith style knock offs and durable rubber urethane 5.20 tires with white walls. 
For a perfect fit you need to use either small bearings for the front wheels or nylon/ plastic bushings. The rear wheels fit the axles of both the RS and Maisto cars.

NOTE: These wheels are strong but not intended to race with!! Cruising only!

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