After moving to a new place I finally got my new workspace ready and I'm back at creating new lowrider models. 
This is one of my latest creations and work in progress a 1/12 radio controlled lowrider tricycle. This miniature trike rolls back and forth, steers, hops the front and has a 4GB MP3 player with amplifier on board.
Initially it had some problems with steering but after adding a micro differential it steers perfect!
The overall style of this tricycle is inspired by Latin Active II a creation of the De Alba family from Elite car club.
This lowrider miniature tricycle is a work in progress and a study for creating a larger sized tricycle model using Hoppin' Hydro's 1/6 scale lowrider bike model.

Here's a short video of the tricycle in action!


Miniature sub woofer connected to a micro amplifier and 4GB MP3 player delvers more than enough sound for this miniature lowrider tricycle.


Soldered brass springer fork that is pushed by a tiny steel cable to make this miniature lowrider tricycle hop hitting the back. Another steel cable makes it turn left and right. The wire wheels and other plastic parts came from a old Lindberg lowrider bike kit.