It's been around a year ago that Ethan Maniques the Co-director of the movie contacted me for having a RC model lowrider made for a couple of scenes in the movie Machete. Director Robert Rodriquez and him had seen my videos on Youtube and really liked the idea of having one of my models in a scene of the movie.
Untill that moment I only knew there was a fake trailer of Machete and a full feature movie sounded like a killer idea. Unfortunately in the end the budget was too tight to have any of my work featured in the movie.
Check out the really tight trailer of the movie and go check it out in the theaters. It's a killer movie!


Photographer and filmer Estevan Oriol created these very well made mini documentaries of Machete star Danny Trejo along with Mr Cartoon. Check it out!!


Machete Star Danny Trejo Mini-Doc by Estevan Oriol from SA Studios Global on Vimeo.


Danny Trejo aka Machete lowriding with Mister Cartoon from SA Studios Global on Vimeo.