After many hours creating and perfecting the masters it was finaly time to create the silicone molds. I started out by creating the mold for the tiny and fragile grill and I was pretty happy to see it came out perfect. Casting resin in a freshly made silicone mold usualy gives you a poor result because the mold needs to be worn in. Saying that the first try gave me a near perfect result with a very thin layer of flash behind the grill bars that can easily be removed with sanding paper. In the picture above you also see the right style mirrors coming from the Chevy Monte Carlo Earo coupe kit


The plan was to include seperate chrome strips/ trim around the LS clip but I decided this was a little bit too much hassle so I glued thin styrene strips on the master and it looks pretty accurate. I bought me some Smooth-on C325 which has an amber color and added two drops of So-strong black color pigment to cast the grill in black so that later on I can add a layer of Kosutte ginsan chrome powder to it to check how it looks in chrome.

I could have merged the headlight casings in the clip and cast it in one time but seperate casings work more convenient because it's easier to apply black paint on the outer edges and chrome foil on the refelectors. The masters for the clear head and rear light lenses are almost finished and a mold that holds 12 pieces each will be created next week. 12 pieces in one time is not only convienent but also necessary since the crystal clear resin has very short shelf life after opening.