Finaly the Monte Carlo LS conversion kit is finished!
The kit looks very authentic and quality of the castings is high. Creating the clear lenses proved to be a difficult task but in the end the results look great.
The head light casings are casted using black resin so no need to paint the edges you only need to use a small piece of black sticky vinyl for the seperation of the lights. For sale now for only $35 plus $2 shipping.



Comes with:- Front clip

- Detailed Grill with MC logo
- Seperate head light casings casted in black
- Clear head light lenses
- Rear bumper
- Clear rear light lenses
- LS style mirrors

- Parts need to be cleaned of flash and the front clip needs little sanding to make it fit perfect on the '86 Monte carlo kit.
- Cut a small piece of sanding paper that fits inside the back of the grill and get rid of flash.
- Head light casings are casted in black resin so no painting is needed. Use BMF for reflectors.
- Use clear orange paint for the turn signals. I used black sticky vinyl for the seperation of the lights.
- Rear lights are casted in clear resin I suggest to mask the area that needs to stay clear white and paint the rear lights with clear red.

NOTE: All the parts are custom created by hand using different sorts of resin so it can happen that some of the parts contain minor flaws. 
Minor in Jevries handbook means: Very easy to fix. All parts are inspected twice and bad parts go straight to the bin.