Been working hard on a new edition of True 13" lowrider wire wheels lately. These new wire wheels feature all 
the details and 
are the most authentic looking wire wheels up to date created by Jevries. Each individual spoke
has a nipple and the 
dish has that nice lip build up leading to the wires creating that real Dayton style lowrider look.


Along with the new 13' lowrider wire wheels come the matching 5.20 tires including white walls. The mold on
the right side holds 5 sets of white walls.
The picture below shows the master for the True 13" wire wheel ready to receive the silicone.


One of the first wheels created from the fresh silicone mold using grey tinted resin. 
Below, A quick mock up of the True 13" wire wheel 
 using Alclad II chrome paint to get a first impression. 

The NEW edition True 13" lowrider wire wheels will be avaliable soon! 
Price will be $20 plus $2,50 for World Wide shipping.

 NOTE: the wheels come in white resin. For chrome use either Alclad II paint or send em 
to Chrome Tech US
 or Little Motor Kar Co.