I have known Ryan aka 1ofaknd for a long time and even though we never met in person I really enjoyed 
the conversations and friendship we shared online. 
Ryan was an excellent model car creator and above all a great person who you could trust and depend on.
Working with him creating the 
famous Real Deal '64 model was a great experience we both enjoyed.
Ryan was the owner of Scale Lows and was planning to get back in business and serve people around the globe 
selling custom model parts. Unfortunately that didn't happen.
A while ago doctors found a spot on Ryan's brain that grew slightly bigger over time. Eventually Things didn't
look too good for Ryan and he went for treatment to a special clinic two weeks ago. I was 
convinced he would 
win the battle against his disease and that he could get his life back on track but 
things didn't turn out that way. 
Struggling with his situation Ryan's life ended on Saturday morning August 27 2011 at age 27.

My deepest condolences go out to his wife Jamie Happe, his family and friends.
We lost a one of a kind guy and a dear friend. Rest in Peace Ryan.