Mario Montano's '90's Cadillac Fleetwood lowrider

For years it has been a wish of mine to create a 1/25 radio controled ' '96 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham model also know as the big body Cadillac.
Years ago I bought an original All American Resin limo model cut it in half to create a regular four door version but patience ran dry and I never got the nerves to finish it. This model finally ended up in the US and after an unfortunate series of events the remains where send to my friend Kris Diaz in Colorado.


Years later 
my homie DJ-Roy got his hands on a original resin four door Cadillac Fleetwood model also created by All American Resin. This model is in very good condition and send to me so that I could remaster this model from the bottom up creating the best resin casted Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham model out there.
Although AAR did a very good job on the custom created 1/25 model it still has many flaws that need to be corrected. To my knowledge AAR used a 1/25 Caprice model and modified it to create the Cadillac Fleetwood model so some elements like the wheelbase, fenders and overall shape are slightly off but it still looks very good. Like me many favor the vinyl top Fleetwood Brougham over the standard version so I started out by making the rear window smaller studying many photo's and finally using styrene strips and putty.


The original version comes with the trunk lid closed and I choose to open it so that later on people can hinge it and load the trunk with hydro junk visible for the eye. I used a very thin photo etched saw blade that I bought in Japan to do the job.


Both the inside of the trunk lid and complete body I grinded and shaved because it was way to thick. The front of the model need quite some modfication same goes for the fenders that needed some putty to get the right shape going.
One of the fenders was damaged probably during the casting process so I used special black superglue to fix it.


All parts are closely inspected and corrected like the bumpers and grill where the chrome was removed to get the best detail possible when creating new silicone molds. The dashboard I redid a couple of times because I was not satisfied with the outcome. When all the parts are perfected silicone molds will be created and I will produce a small series of resin copies.