Now that I've created the 1/12 and 1/25 scale wire wheels I really needed some cool looking knock offs to go along with it. The Zenith straight 2 wing style knock off I find to the best looking and both are not available in any scale so that means: scratchbuilding!


For the 1/12 scaled knock off I used styrene tubing and a thick flat strip. A scaled  printed copy of the real thing helped me to determine the dimensions. Putty, sanding and more putty and sanding was needed to get to the final result. 
I created one small silicone mold and casted several resin copies cleaned em up so that I can hook up 8 copies and create the final mold.
Because of the small size it was pretty hard to create a clean looking 1/25 version. I used the centre of a Pegasus knock off and styrene for the wings. The casted lower A-arms are for my 1/25 RC cruisers.