Creating the 1/25 scale Aoshima copy wire wheels it became clear that casting the small tires using black urethane rubber is a difficult and time consuming process. The urethane rubber needs to cure for over 16 hours and pouring the honey thick material inside the small silicone mold was annoying. I decided to create a new silicone mold with the true 5.20 tire placed on the rim and casted in white urethane resin. This material cures in about 10 minutes so I can produce a lot more copies in a shorter amount of time. The complete wheel will be chromed and the customer can paint the tire with satin black. A white wall can either be painted on or you can use white sticky vinyl.


In the first post you could read that I created ine master of the 1/25 knock off and using a small silicone mold I created 4 more copies. These copies were cleaned and glued on a styrene bar to create a mold containing 4 knock offs.
The resin copies came out great and a new silicone mold will be created to produce more copies in one time.


 I followed the same procedure for the 1/12 scale knock offs and gave the masters sharper lines. This time around I didn't use any mold release because removing that stuff is very hard however I recently bought a newer kind of mold release that can easilly be removed with water and soap. More updates soon!