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NEW Edition True 13"Wire Wheels 1/25 scale.

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, December 4, 2011,

Been working hard on a new edition of True 13" lowrider wire wheels lately. These new wire wheels feature all 
the details and 
are the most authentic looking wire wheels up to date created by Jevries. Each individual spoke
has a nipple and the 
dish has that nice lip build up leading to the wires creating that real Dayton style lowrider look.


Along with the new 13' lowrider wire wheels come the matching 5.20 tires including white walls. The mold on
the right side holds 5 sets of white walls.
The p...
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More pics...

Posted by jevries on Saturday, August 21, 2010,


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1/25 scale lowrider TRUE 13"s finished!

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, August 15, 2010,

Creating the TRUE 13" lowrider wire wheels took quite some time and patience. Combining two slices of the Aoshima rims was hard because they are tappered and don't line up. Bondo and lot's of carefull sanding resulted in a clean looking dish with nipples resambling the OG 13" lowrider style wheel.

For the spokes/ wires I used an old style deep dish Pegasus wire wheel. They have a better definition and depth than the new style Pegasus wheels which look quite flat more like a euro wire wheel. I ...
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