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TRUE 13's wire wheels 1/25 scale for SALE!

Posted by Jevries on Wednesday, February 1, 2012,

The new 1/25 True 13's wire wheels by Jevries are ready for shipping! The wheels feature a deep dish and spokes that
have nipples for that authentic look.
Set includes:

- True 13" RIM in white resin
- Bowtie knock offs in  white resin
- Rubber tires with white wall insets.
PRICE $22,50 World Wide priority shipping included



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NEW Edition True 13"Wire Wheels 1/25 scale.

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, December 4, 2011,

Been working hard on a new edition of True 13" lowrider wire wheels lately. These new wire wheels feature all 
the details and 
are the most authentic looking wire wheels up to date created by Jevries. Each individual spoke
has a nipple and the 
dish has that nice lip build up leading to the wires creating that real Dayton style lowrider look.


Along with the new 13' lowrider wire wheels come the matching 5.20 tires including white walls. The mold on
the right side holds 5 sets of white walls.
The p...
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The ART of LOWRIDING documentary 25 min. long

Posted by Jevries on Saturday, September 11, 2010,
Homie Puro Cervantes posted the link to this really well made docu on the art of lowriding. Check it out and enjoy.


A Rolling Canvas/ Lowriders Director: Corie Levitt from Annual Program Without Frontiers on Vimeo.

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Coming soon: TRUE 13 inch see thru wire wheels & 5.20 tires

Posted by Jevries on Saturday, July 17, 2010,

I'm always looking for ways to improve and come up with new model low stuff like these TRUE 13 inch wire wheels complete with 5.20 tires. Many modelers out there like the fact that you can see thru the spokes just like the real thing. The Pegasus see thru wire wheels are way to big and don't have the extra rim details. I used two Aoshima resin casted hubs and milled Pegasus see thru wires to come up with this all TRUE 13 inch wire wheel that has the right size and details in 1/25 scale.
I will...
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Scale wire wheels : two wing knock offs

Posted by Jevries on Wednesday, May 12, 2010,

Now that I've created the 1/12 and 1/25 scale wire wheels I really needed some cool looking knock offs to go along with it. The Zenith straight 2 wing style knock off I find to the best looking and both are not available in any scale so that means: scratchbuilding!


For the 1/12 scaled knock off I used styrene tubing and a thick flat strip. A scaled  printed copy of the real thing helped me to determine the dimensions. Putty, sanding and more putty and sanding was needed to get to the final r...

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Creating the 1/12 Jevries wire wheels

Posted by Jevries on Monday, March 1, 2010,

 I own a nice collection of 1/12 RC cars that I'm going to transform into masterpiece model lowriders. 
The thing that sets a lowrider apart from many other custom cars, besides the hydraulics, are the ofcourse the wire wheels like Dayton and Zenith.
Since there are no aftermarket 1/12 scale wire wheels I decided to create my own set of rims and wires. In the early days I used a PVC pipe fitting as rim, cut the wires from a 1/10 Pegasus wire wheel and used sticky vinyl to give em a chrome or g...
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