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Workbench Wednesday

Posted by Jevries on Wednesday, May 2, 2012,

Today back on the workbench the Nissan hardbody Z-rack beddancer. Working on the drive shaft and rear axle.

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NEW Edition True 13"Wire Wheels 1/25 scale.

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, December 4, 2011,

Been working hard on a new edition of True 13" lowrider wire wheels lately. These new wire wheels feature all 
the details and 
are the most authentic looking wire wheels up to date created by Jevries. Each individual spoke
has a nipple and the 
dish has that nice lip build up leading to the wires creating that real Dayton style lowrider look.


Along with the new 13' lowrider wire wheels come the matching 5.20 tires including white walls. The mold on
the right side holds 5 sets of white walls.
The p...
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TINGOS, The interior King.

Posted by jevries on Wednesday, October 26, 2011,

As soon as the custom work of Agustine Villegas aka Tingos hit Lay it Low all eyes were on him.
He creates incredible looking 1/25 scale custom interiors with an old school lowrider touch using all kinds of
materials like felt, flocking, mirror plastic, foam sheets, fabrics, etc. Tingos is a great artist when it comes down to combining all kinds of wild colors creating cool patterns that perfectly match the painted body of the lowrider model.
Tingos is a proud member of Los Underground model car...
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Got Juice? The story of LiPo batteries

Posted by Jevries on Saturday, May 14, 2011,

To make my miniature lowrider models perform the best they can I use modern day technology in the form of rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer batteries. LiPo batteries, as they are called, are rated 3.6 volt and have the advantage of being small, somewhat flexible but still containing quite a lot of milliamps (mAh) considering the size. They also hold their energy for quite a long time compared to standard NiMH rechargeable batteries. The discharge rate is quite high meaning that they can delive...
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The 1/25 RC Cadillac Lowrider Project

Posted by jevries on Saturday, May 7, 2011,

The main focus with this model is to create an authentic looking rear drive setup complete with drive shaft.
I did quite a lot of experimenting to come up with a rear drive setup that works and look good. After looking everywhere on the internet I was not able to find a nice looking universal joint so I had to create one myself using brass.

Trail and error. The micro gear motor with 10:1 gear ratio is the ideal motor for this cruiser. It's small and has lot's of torque and speed.  

I tried diffe...

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The RC miniature lowrider tricycle project

Posted by Jevries on Wednesday, May 4, 2011,


After moving to a new place I finally got my new workspace ready and I'm back at creating new lowrider models. 
This is one of my latest creations and work in progress a 1/12 radio controlled lowrider tricycle. This miniature trike rolls back and forth, steers, hops the front and has a 4GB MP3 player with amplifier on board.
Initially it had some problems with steering but after adding a micro differential it steers perfect!
The overall style of this tricycle is inspired by Latin Active II a cr...

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More pics...

Posted by jevries on Saturday, August 21, 2010,


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1/25 scale lowrider TRUE 13"s finished!

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, August 15, 2010,

Creating the TRUE 13" lowrider wire wheels took quite some time and patience. Combining two slices of the Aoshima rims was hard because they are tappered and don't line up. Bondo and lot's of carefull sanding resulted in a clean looking dish with nipples resambling the OG 13" lowrider style wheel.

For the spokes/ wires I used an old style deep dish Pegasus wire wheel. They have a better definition and depth than the new style Pegasus wheels which look quite flat more like a euro wire wheel. I ...
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1/25 scale Chevy Monte Carlo LS clip part 2

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, May 16, 2010,

After I placed and cut all the tiny pieces of styrene between the horizontal bars I glued small strips on top to give the vertical bars a cleaner look. I created a small silicone mold and casted the grill using Smooth-on 300 urethane resin. Using a pressure pot is a must to make sure all the tiny details will be preserved. The resin copy looks great and it's a the big plus that the result is not a solid resin grill that you find in standard model kits but you can really see thru it.
I decided ...

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Remastering a 1/25 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham model

Posted by Jevries on Wednesday, May 5, 2010,

Mario Montano's '90's Cadillac Fleetwood lowrider

For years it has been a wish of mine to create a 1/25 radio controled ' '96 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham model also know as the big body Cadillac.
Years ago I bought an original All American Resin limo model cut it in half to create a regular four door version but patience ran dry and I never got the nerves to finish it. This model finally ended up in the US and after an unfortunate series of events the remains where send to my friend Kris Diaz ...
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Volo: The Cars The Culture & The Camera Complete Docu!

Posted by Jevries on Wednesday, April 21, 2010,
Here's the link to the complete documentary on photographer Volo!

Volo: The Cars The Culture & The Camera - Documentary (Run Time 18:41)


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Japan 2010!

Posted by Jevries on Thursday, April 15, 2010,
Just came back from Japan and once again had a blast! The Tokyo lowrider show was really cool with lot's of incredible rides on display. I met again with Yosshi from Continental Kings who showed me his teams latest creations.
Superclean OG '64 Impala with lot's of mods like the laser engraved mirrors featuring Continental King's logo. 


More pics will follow!!

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Volo: The Cars, The Culture, & The Camera - Documentary Part 1!

Posted by Jevries on Saturday, March 13, 2010,

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Creating the 1/12 Jevries wire wheels

Posted by Jevries on Monday, March 1, 2010,

 I own a nice collection of 1/12 RC cars that I'm going to transform into masterpiece model lowriders. 
The thing that sets a lowrider apart from many other custom cars, besides the hydraulics, are the ofcourse the wire wheels like Dayton and Zenith.
Since there are no aftermarket 1/12 scale wire wheels I decided to create my own set of rims and wires. In the early days I used a PVC pipe fitting as rim, cut the wires from a 1/10 Pegasus wire wheel and used sticky vinyl to give em a chrome or g...
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Creating the 1/24 RC Cadillac Brougham

Posted by Jevries on Monday, February 22, 2010,

 Way before I build Real Deal '64 Impala I had this idea in mind to create a full function RC 1/24 miniature lowrider that performs almost every trick and still feature an interior.


After I finished Real Deal '64 I started working on the design for the setup that differs from Real Deal because I wanted it to be very solid and pretty maintance free. The front setup is solid enough to make it hop although in this case I left the hopping out since I wanted to build a classic lowrider cru...

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The birth of the Lost Angel '64 Impala part 2

Posted by Jevries on Saturday, February 13, 2010,
After adding all kinds of details like the L.A. script and small winged Lost Angel emblems I had to rush to get this RC Lowrider finished for the Tokyo Lowrider show in Japan. I cleared the body and left it to dry on the central heater covered by a plastic container speeding up the process.

Two days later I was sanding and polishing the body, wrapped it in a soft cloth and in my suitcase of to Japan.
Lowriding in Japan is still going strong and the quality of the rides is amazing to say the...
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Welcome to Jevries Blog & Shop!

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, February 7, 2010,

Finally it's here: Jevries blog and shop.
On here you will find lot's of photo's and background stories on my work, my journeys and the people I've met.
The shop will feature my first couple of products I've made for custom modelers and later on I will auction of one of the highly anticipated 1/24 RC lowrider cruisers.
Hope you enjoy!

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