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New mold for the Monte Carlo LS grill

Posted by Jevries on Thursday, May 3, 2012,

New silicone mold for the Monte carlo LS conversion kit using Smooth-on Mold Max 30.


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Available again: 1/25 Chevy Monte Carlo LS conversion kit

Posted by jevries on Thursday, April 19, 2012,

Complete Chevy Monte Carlo LS conversion kit including white resin front clip with detailed grill, headlight casings casted in black, clear lenses, rear bumper, clear tail lights and LS mirrors.
Very limited quantity available!!
$37.50 International priority shipping included. (NO tracking number!) For tracking number add $16. 

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FOR SALE: 1/25 Monte Carlo LS conversion kit!

Posted by Jevries on Thursday, July 1, 2010,
Finaly the Monte Carlo LS conversion kit is finished!
The kit looks very authentic and quality of the castings is high. Creating the clear lenses proved to be a difficult task but in the end the results look great.
The head light casings are casted using black resin so no need to paint the edges you only need to use a small piece of black sticky vinyl for the seperation of the lights. For sale now for only $35 plus $2 shipping.



Comes with:- Front clip

- Detailed Grill with MC logo
- Sepera...

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Monte Carlo LS clip part 3: The first castings

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, May 30, 2010,

After many hours creating and perfecting the masters it was finaly time to create the silicone molds. I started out by creating the mold for the tiny and fragile grill and I was pretty happy to see it came out perfect. Casting resin in a freshly made silicone mold usualy gives you a poor result because the mold needs to be worn in. Saying that the first try gave me a near perfect result with a very thin layer of flash behind the grill bars that can easily be removed with sanding paper. In the...
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1/25 scale Chevy Monte Carlo LS clip part 2

Posted by Jevries on Sunday, May 16, 2010,

After I placed and cut all the tiny pieces of styrene between the horizontal bars I glued small strips on top to give the vertical bars a cleaner look. I created a small silicone mold and casted the grill using Smooth-on 300 urethane resin. Using a pressure pot is a must to make sure all the tiny details will be preserved. The resin copy looks great and it's a the big plus that the result is not a solid resin grill that you find in standard model kits but you can really see thru it.
I decided ...

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'87 Monte Carlo LS model kit conversion

Posted by Jevries. on Sunday, May 9, 2010,

The '87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Luxery Sport (LS) is a pretty popular lowrider model and on my trip to Japan I came across quite a few as well. Where the SS version is more the muscle car the LS features a more elegant looking front clip and has other luxery aspects.

Chedda, Desert Dreams Car Club, CA.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS vs SS

'80's Monte Carlo SS
Monogram/ Revell offers the '86 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS kit for quite some time now but no LS version was ever made as a model kit. That leaves ...

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