The main focus with this model is to create an authentic looking rear drive setup complete with drive shaft.
I did quite a lot of experimenting to come up with a rear drive setup that works and look good. After looking everywhere on the internet I was not able to find a nice looking universal joint so I had to create one myself using brass.

Trail and error. The micro gear motor with 10:1 gear ratio is the ideal motor for this cruiser. It's small and has lot's of torque and speed.  

I tried different gear setups and started out with a worm gear setup. The result looked quite good but the problem was the speed..there wasn't any speed in combination with the 10:1 gear motor only very, very slow cruising.



The worm gear setup did not work so I went with a crown gear but this setup was too big to fit nicely inside the pumpkin that came with Revell kit. I had these micro miter gears that are used on 1/64, 1/87 scale models and although I had no high hopes that they would last it proved to be the succes formula. These micro miter gears from Gizmozone are super tough but it's hard to install them at an exact 45 degree angle to make sure they won't slip and finally strip.


I did a mockup to see if everything works and here's a short video of the hydro's and rear drive in action.