As soon as the custom work of Agustine Villegas aka Tingos hit Lay it Low all eyes were on him.
He creates incredible looking 1/25 scale custom interiors with an old school lowrider touch using all kinds of
materials like felt, flocking, mirror plastic, foam sheets, fabrics, etc. Tingos is a great artist when it comes down to combining all kinds of wild colors creating cool patterns that perfectly match the painted body of the lowrider model.
Tingos is a proud member of Los Underground model car club in Dallas and he does a lot of work for his fellow 
members as well as many other model car builders out there.

Tingos is open for business and I have to say his pricing is very reasonable in a way that everyone can afford 
a masterpiece interior for their lowrider model car. 
You can contact him at

Also make sure to check out the work of his fellow members of Los Underground model car club. Enjoy!

Bright colors and crazy beautifull patterns Tingo nails it everytime.