Besides the fact that Dustin Volo is a really cool guy he also creates stunning work as a photographer of lowrider cars, the culture and lifestyle. His work is featured in many lowrider magazines and now it's time for his own documentary. Watching the trailer I can't wait to see the first part because it looks really good and very well made by the people of DRG films.
The photo above to me is one of the most beautiful pictures I ever seen of lowrider in an urban enviroment. It captures the spirit of freedom, creative expression, rollin' low and keepin' it underground...and I love big body Cadillacs!
Please make sue to check out Volo's website featuring many of his work and the DRG films website:

Here's the press release on Volo's documentary:

Dustin Volo is one of the most celebrated and accomplished photographers within the low riding culture.  His childhood love for photography has led him to take pictures of some of the most creative built automobilles of the last 20 years.  The documentary, “Volo: The Cars, The Culture, & The Camera” presents his entire photography career, as well as his lifetime passion of low riding.


The 18 minute documentary covers Volo’s love for cars, his admiration for the low riding culture, and his career as a professional photographer.  The documentary was directed by Reggie Reagor and produced by DRG Films.  The production company has just completed the projects “A Love Supreme: U-N-I & Ro Blvd. The Documentary”, Those Chosen’s “Soundclash” music video, and El Prez’ “Floss Angeles” music video.  Each of the 3 parts of the documentary will be released online over the next 2 weeks.