Video clip I created after my first visit to the Lowrider show in Osaka and some footage of my 1/12 RC '64 Chevy Impala hopping and scraping on a parking lot in Kyoto.

 Tight footage of The Lost Angel '64 Chevy Impala Lowrider filmed by a Japanese guy during the lowrider show in Tokyo 2009.

 Footage shot by my friend Kris Diaz during the Lowrider Supershow in Las Vegas 2007.

 Lowrider show Muiden, the Netherlands. RC '64 Chevy Impala model The Lost Angel in action.

 Real Deal '64 original video clip. 1/24 scale RC '64 Impala model with working "hydraulics".
Setup created by Jevries and model detailled by Ryan from Scalelows.

 Real Deal '64 Impala lowrider work in progress.

Footage shot of my line controlled 1/10 scale Chevy Impala model at the Rosmalen Car show somewhere in the '90's. 

Jevries Videos

Jevries' radio controled 1/12 '64 Impala at the Osaka Lowrider show, Lowrider Super show in Las Vegas and KIng Cruise in the Netherlands.