Classic Creations: The 1/25 RC Chevy Caprice

April 23, 2013

Many years ago I created a series of 1/25 RC Hopper cars using circuit boards of dirt cheap RC toy cars that
proved to be quite effective and lot's of fun.


Two 3V relays send the power directly the hopper motor to bypass the rather weak transistors on the 
circuit board. That orange thing connected to the motor is a capacitor to get rid of interference 
with the RC unit.

A cheap micro servo capable of lifting 1.5kg directly connected to a single "cylinder's ram" lifts and lowers the
model lowrider with ease. 

The allu ram connected to the servos arm. It's better to have the ram connected near the center of 
rear axle that way it can handle the weight of the batteries without hanging too much to one side.

Drive shaft for that authentic look. 

Complete chassis with enough room to fit the interior. 3 AAA batteries provide the juice although I prefer to 
use a small 3.6V 
lipo battery and add weight to make this scale lowrider hop like the real thing. 
I swapped the original remote 
control for a new switchbox and connected two momentary toggle switches to 
control the cars motions. 


I wish all of you the best for 2013!

December 31, 2012

1/24 scale RC cadillac and fiber optic sparks.

Monte Carlo LS conversion kit NEW BATCH

December 1, 2012



Return of The Mag.

November 16, 2012
Scale Lowrider Magazine is back!
 Order your copy here!


Big Scale Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

August 17, 2012

Big Scale model sitting under a thin layer of silicone 

Grinded down old silicone molds and mixed it with a batch of fresh silicone to save materials. Lot of work though.


Hydrocal gypsum support mold.


Slush cast model using Smooth cast 300.


First pull looks really good still need to smooth things out and restore some elements. When the model is done a new mold will be made.


1/20 scale lowrider beddancer snug top

August 15, 2012

Created a Snug Top today for the 1/20 scale lowrider beddancer. Not sure if I will use it though.

Artwork by Freeflow 1/12 scale '64 Impala

June 17, 2012

On my last trip to Indonesia I left one of my 1/12 scale 1964 Impala models with Fahmi Freeflow in Bandung.
You wouldn't say but Freeflow never worked on a scale model before. He's known in Asia for his outstanding
 paintjobs and pinstriping on cars, motorcycles and helmets. Check out his work: 


I used Hasegawa Mirror Finish foil for the chrome trimm. It's a micro thin plastic type of foil stretchable and it 
sticks very well. It's a bit harder to work with compared to Bare Metal Foil but the result is 100% authentic 
looking chrome without getting dull overtime.

1/12 scale Cragar wheels with an added deep dish along with urethane cast tires by Jevries for that Old school
lowrider look. Car will receive a nice RC hydraulic setup.


All my thanks go out to Fahmi Freeflow for his outstanding artwork on this scale model! 

Lincoln Mark V resin model

June 14, 2012

Working on the Lincoln Mark V resin model. Using a composite gypsum model creating this silicone mold slush
casting a resin copy.


It was difficult to create a hollow resin copy. Took 8 times pouring resin covering all sides with a nice even coat.

Cut the bumper, grill, rear and front light to create seperate silicone molds.

The surface of the model was affected by the silicone on the gypsum mold a lot of sanding was needed to remove the
orange peel like surface. A phot etch saw blade works perfect cutting parts.

 Looking for a donor kit for the chassis. AMT '70 Monte Carlo.


Still working on smoothing out the model and adding details.


Sitting on 13" wheels. More updates soon!

1/20 Nissan hardbody Drive train

May 3, 2012

Installing the drive train on the 1/20 scale Nissan Hard Body mini truck. 


New mold for the Monte Carlo LS grill

May 3, 2012

New silicone mold for the Monte carlo LS conversion kit using Smooth-on Mold Max 30.